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What We Do

Building Communities Of The Future

Our team started out with a mission – to build smarter cities and transform the way we interact and live by bridge the adoption gap in the blockchain ecosystem. With the support of Enterprise Singapore and our partners, we kickstarted a product-focused accelerator aimed at discovering great companies with innovative blockchain use-cases and creating real impact across diverse sectors and industries. 

But we thought bigger

We expanded our business to include additional initiatives as we took on a multifaceted approach to bridge different aspects of the adoption gap and further develop the blockchain ecosystem. Together with our community and friends from government agencies, global corporations, tech companies, experts and portfolio companies, we work towards a unified goal of creating meaningful change and showing that blockchain is more than just a hype.

Our Initiatives

Tribe Accelerator

As a product-development focused blockchain accelerator, this initiative facilitates promising growth-stage startups to develop innovative blockchain use-cases to tackle real world problems. Supported by Enterprise Singapore, the accelerator works closely with a network of global corporations, government agencies, top-tier blockchain companies and startups to drive the mass adoption of this technology.


OpenNodes is a digital nexus for key stakeholders in Singapore that aims to build an open community, as well as educate and inspire more innovative blockchain solutions. With the vision of facilitating a billion connections and engagements across the globe, this digital engagement platform was developed together with the support of Infocomm Media Development Authority of Singapore (IMDA) and with more than 20 founding members to collectively bring our ecosystem building and education efforts online.

Tribe Academy

Tribe Academy seeks to develop new technology talents for the wider community and aims to inspire talent of the future. The first of its kind in Singapore, the academy works on a model that encourages aspiring developers to learn first without worrying about costs, and pay nothing until they get hired. 

This model not only aligns the incentives of the academy with that of our candidates, it also gives us the additional push factor to ensure that they succeed.

By being the bridge between students and companies, we aim to grow better developers for more companies.

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