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Industry Proven Curriculum

Setting You Up For Success

To help you achieve success, we have reverse engineered our curriculum to meet industry benchmarks by talking to top-tier firms across different sectors and understanding the skillsets the industry needs the most right now. Reviewed by major industry players, our courses pair theories learnt in class with real-world experience to prepare you for real projects.

Learn First, Pay Later

Pay Nothing Upfront

Gain specialised skills coupled with professional work opportunities at no upfront costs. Pay only when you get hired. With our Income Share Agreement (ISA) option, you can now learn without worrying about loans and down-payments.

We Help You Get Hired

Fast-track Your Tech Career

We are invested in you and we achieve success only when you do. When you graduate from the course, we will  connect you with career coaches, provide you with job interview trainings, and match you with the roles at top-tier companies within our global network where we think you will be a great fit.

Featured Courses

Your First Step to Becoming an Expert Software Engineer

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Application Process

Tuition & Payment

With our Income Share Agreement (ISA), you can learn at zero upfront costs, and no downpayments are required. You pay only when you get hired. Once you land a job, make monthly payments of 20% of your salary until you reach the cap.

Flexible Financing Options

1. Prepaid Plan

  • A one-time off payment of the fixed tuition fee
  • Get a discount when you pay the full sum upfront

2. Postpaid Plan

  • Pay nothing until you land a high-paying job
  • Pay a percentage of your salary over a few months
  • No downpayment required

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