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What We Do

Helping Developers
Learn Without Boundaries

About Tribe Academy

Developed to bridge the talent gap in the deep tech industry, Tribe Academy is a dedicated educational institute curated for aspiring developers looking to propel their career in deep-tech. It seeks to empower developers, hone their technical skills and bring them a step closer to landing their dream job. Apart from developing talented developers with the ability to adapt and meet the needs of hiring organisations, the academy also seeks to facilitate the job search process for both candidates and organisations. With this academy, Tribe aims to foster a community that inspires, enrich and develop tech leaders of tomorrow.

This is one of the three business lines of Tribe, the other two comprising of Tribe Accelerator, OpenNodes, all of which share an overarching vision of powering the next generation of frontier tech ideas and talent.

Our Mission


Tribe Academy was built with the aim of empowering developers to learn and upskill without having to worry about the common issues faced before making the decision to embark on an education – Cost and employability. People often commit to investing large amounts of money into education, with little guarantee that education will be relevant and practical in the market, or land them a job. Companies, on the other hand, are unable to find suitable talent that fulfil the changing requirements of the tech landscape. We believe that learning should not be hindered by cost, and want to develop talent that businesses and companies are lacking in.

With a focus on three factors – making learning affordable, equipping students with market-relevant skills and helping them land their dream job, Tribe Academy strives to be the school that develops highly sought-after talent.

In addition, students have the option to pay for these courses through our Income Share Agreement (ISA) that takes effect only after they get a job, or pay upfront with a prepaid plan. This model not only aligns the incentives of the academy with that of our students, it also gives us the additional push factor to ensure that our students succeed.

By being the bridge between students and companies, we aim to grow better developers for more companies.

Who Are We?

Dr Jackie Tan, Head of Academy and Lead Trainer

Jackie has extensive experience in tech and education, where he led classroom trainings in both online and offline format. 
On top of being the lead trainer in Tribe, Jackie also heads the Academy where he designs learning experiences for learners and coordinates trainers for courses.
Previously, he was the co-founder and CEO of edutech and apprenticeship platform UpLevel. He earned his PhD from Nanyang Technological University, where he investigated biological phenomena using data science.

Learn How Our Income Share Agreement (ISA) Works