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3 Aug 2020

4 Months

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There has been a massive explosion in both the data generated and retained by companies over the last decade, leading to the rise of Big Data. However, Big Data requires the expertise of professionals such as data scientists and analysts who turn cutting-edge technology into actionable insights to provide real value. 

As such, there has been a surge of demand for data science expertise across a greater number of organisations to fully unlock the power of big data and tease actionable insights out of gigabytes of data to effectively drive business value.

Our Industry Proven Curriculum

Designed For Industry Relevance

Benchmarked by industry requirements, our curriculum has been tailored to emphasise real-world relevance and meet the changing demands in the data science industry. With your success as our goal, we ensure that you are well-equipped for challenges on the field.

Learn To Harness The Power of Data

Curated for individuals preferably with STEM or business backgrounds, our course will help you acquire essential design and engineering data science skills, including Python programming, data modeling and machine learning. Whether you are looking to transit into a career in data science or upskilling to advance your tech career, this intensive online course will enable you to get hands-on experience in synthesising large data sets, building predictive models and working on real products on real teams.

Community-Based Learning

Learn alongside like-minded individuals and receive support, advice and tips from a network of developers and alumni while undergoing the data science curriculum. You learn faster, and you won’t have to face problems alone.

We Are Invested In
Your Success.

Getting You Hired

When you graduate from the course, your journey with Tribe Academy does not just stop there – We will provide job support and assist you every step of the way until you land a job at a top firms looking to hire for data science.

With our close relationship with our network of partners, we know what these companies are looking for. Apart from equipping you with industry-relevant skills, we will also connect you with career coaches, provide you with job interview training, and connect you with the roles at firms where we think you will be a great fit.

This Course is Suitable For

• Working Professionals
• Graduates

What You Will Learn

• Acquire practical design and engineering skills that meet industry requirements for a role in the data science industry

• Develop appropriate presentation skills for effective communication within a product team

• Experience teamwork in agile industry practices


Pre-Work: Entry Test with Self-Learning

Weeks 1-4: Data Science 101

Weeks 5-8: Building Early Capabilities.

Weeks 9-12: Extending on Skills and Practical Know-hows

Weeks 13-16: Capstone Project and Presentation

Data Science Curriculum

Application Process


• Register on the website
• Receive an email
• Submit your resume and full application form for data science


Time to show us your statistics and programming knowledge by solving some simple coding questions. To help you ace the open book entry test, we will also provide learning materials to guide you. You may retake the test multiple times before the deadline, and we will take your best score.

1 HR

We will be in touch for a screening interview with selected candidates who have done well in the entry test. This session is aimed at getting to know you better and better understand your background and skillsets.


Once you pass the entry test and interview, you will be invited to kickstart your learning at Tribe Academy! Over 4 months, you will gain industry-ready skills, complete apprenticeships and get placed at top-tier data companies.

Tuition & Payment

Flexible financing options of your preference. Choose to pay upfront or pay $0 until you get hired.


A one-time off payment of the fixed tuition fee.

Get a discount when you pay the full sum upfront

You Only Pay A Total Of:



Zero upfront costs.

Monthly payments of 20% of your salary only after you get hired.

You Pay a Total of (capped at):


ISA Calculator


Pay $0 until you get hired.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Register your interest
2. Once applications are open, we will send you details to complete an open book Entry Test (with learning materials provided). 
3. Selected candidates will go through a screening interview.
4. Once you pass the entry test and interview, you will be invited to kickstart your learning at Tribe Academy!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time and a member of our team will be in touch.

All applicants will be required to take an online open-book entry test where you’ll learn about the fundamentals of Data Science. Only applicants who complete and pass the entry test will be considered for admissions. The entry test is free and available for all applicants to complete at their own pace.

As a guideline, the Data Science program is suitable for individuals with a background in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics. No experience in programming is required. However, Tribe Academy welcomes anyone who is willing to put in the time and effort required to develop the necessary skills regardless of background as well. As long as you have the grit and rigour to want to embark on a successful career in Data Science, we want you onboard.

As long as you maintain a 80% attendance record for each module, you will be able to continue with the course. As the course is conducted remotely, all lessons will be recorded for you to review.

If you choose to withdraw from the program at any point in time, your fees will be pro-rated.

Yes, you will be issued a certificate of completion by Tribe Academy.

Fees & Payment

The Income Share Agreement (ISA) is available to all applicants to the Data Science program. Under this plan, you will not have to pay any upfront fees until you complete the program and secure a job.

Please visit our Income Share Agreement (ISA) page or speak to someone from our team for more information.

You may choose to pay the program fee upfront and receive a discount or opt for an Income Share Agreement (ISA). For more information about ISAs, please learn more here.

Career Opportunities

Yes, the program includes a mandatory 3 month internship in a Data Science related role.

Tribe Academy will work closely with you to source for a suitable internship through our network of hiring partners. While we will not be able to guarantee an internship position as it will be contingent on how you perform in the interview process, we will be putting you through a rigorous preparation process for the interview as well as help you to build up an impressive portfolio to showcase your abilities. You may also opt to source for your own opportunities.

Yes, Tribe Academy works closely with a network of hiring partners from leading companies in the industry. It is our top priority to find you your dream job as soon as you graduate from the program.

Tribe Academy works exclusively with top-tier companies within the industry and the job positions are highly curated by our dedicated team. As the program includes a mandatory Data Science related internship, we put a focus on helping you convert your internship positions into fulltime ones. However, it is not mandatory to take a job if you do not feel that is suitable for you. You may opt to source for your own opportunities as well.


Our programs are designed to ensure participants develop industry relevant skillsets that have been validated by our network of leading industry partners. If you already have a job and are looking to upskill yourself to progress your career, you are also more than welcome to apply. However, for applicants who are not planning to look for a new job after attending the course, the Postpaid plan will not be available.

Need Advice?

Our Admissions Team is here to help.