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Most Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions


Our full-time courses are designed for a daily commitment of at least 6 hours. Any less and the learning experience will not be optimal. If you are currently working full-time or have a busy school schedule, do check out our part-time courses that are designed for flexibility without compromising the learning experience.

For our full-time programs, we have factored in some allowance in case you need to miss some lessons due to unforeseen circumstances. You will still be eligible for graduation if you maintain a 80% attendance record.

For our part-time programs, we require all students to attend every lesson and maintain a 100% attendance record. Given the limited classroom time for these programs, any missed lesson will result in a compromised learning experience.

Switching between courses midway is strictly not allowed. However, if you are looking to pursue a different career path, you may drop out of the existing course and re-enrol in a different one as part of a new intake. Do note that you will still be liable for repayment of applicable course fees for both courses.

Switching between full and part-time courses are strictly not allowed.

Career Opportunities

Tribe Academy works closely with industry-leading hiring partners to curate suitable roles for graduates from our programs. If you are unable to find a suitable job after pro-actively searching the market and exploring the opporunties that our career team sends your way, we will make it our top priority to find you a job in as soon as possible.

At Tribe Academy, we advocate for you to find your dream career, even if this means that it is not in one of the industries in which we offer programs. You are welcome to pursue a career in adjacent or completely different industries. However, if you chose the Income Share Agreement option, you are still liable for the repayment for the applicable course fees according to the payment schedule.

We recommend that you explore each opportunity presented to you but we do not require you to take on any positions that you do not feel comfortable in. We understand that it takes some time to figure out the right path for each person and we will be here to support you every step of the way, whether it’s searching for opportunities or interview preparations.

Our programs are designed to ensure participants develop industry relevant skillsets that have been validated by our network of leading industry partners. If you already have a job and are looking to upskill yourself to progress your career, you are also more than welcome to apply. However, for applicants who are not planning to look for a new job after attending the course, the Income Share Agreement will not be available.

Yes, Tribe Academy works closely with a network of hiring partners from leading companies in the industry. It is our top priority to find you your dream job as soon as you graduate from the program.

Tribe Academy works exclusively with top-tier companies within the industry and the job positions are highly curated by our dedicated team.  For instance, our Data Science course includes a mandatory Data Science-related internship, and we put a focus on helping you convert your internship positions into full-time ones. However, it is not mandatory to take a job if you do not feel that is suitable for you. You may opt to source for your own opportunities as well

Income Share Agreement (ISA) Questions

If you choose the Income Share Agreement (ISA) option, you will not pay any course fees until you complete the program and secure a full-time job. After which, you will pay 20% of your gross monthly salary until the cap is reach or the agreement lapsed whichever comes first. The repayment amount is dependent on the applicable course fees. You can use the calculator below to estimate your payment schedule.

There is no interest rate for an ISA. You will pay a fixed percentage of your salary until either the cap is reached or the agreement lapses, whichever comes first.

You complete your Income Share Agreement (ISA) and are no longer bound to Tribe Academy when you have either:

  1. Completed payment up to the cap for the course.
  2. You have accumulated 60 months (5 years) of deferred monthly payments as you continue seeking for a job, even if you have paid nothing. If you get hired before the 5th year mark, you will still be required to fulfil the payment schedule.

We will require you to submit your monthly payslip as verification of your monthly income. This also applies if you choose to take a position outside of Singapore.

Yes, you may choose to pay the full course fees upfront instead of an ISA.

If you decide to drop out of the program, you will still be liable to repay a pro-rated amount of the applicable program fees.

The repayment amount is calculated based on your gross monthly salary. i.e. If your monthly salary is $5,000 before taxes, your monthly repayment amount will be $1,000.

Income Share Agreements (ISA) are currently only available to Singaporeans/PRs who do not have an existing income sharing agreement with other organisations. We are working with our partners to make the plan available to more segments so do subscribe to our mailing list to receive the latest updates.

Unfortunately, the ISA option is only available to students who qualify for the SkillsFuture subsidies. If you are not eligible for SkillsFuture subsidies, you will have to pay the full course fee upfront to enroll.

In a situation where you may have started your repayment schedule for a few months but became unemployed after, your ISA will come to a pause and our dedicated hiring team will continue to provide career support to help you land a job.

Should you gain employment within the 5th year mark (from when you graduated), your ISA contract will resume. The amount that you have to pay will be pro-rated according to the previous sum that has been repaid.

In the unlikely case that you are unable to regain employment after the 5 year mark, you will no longer be bound to Tribe Academy’s ISA. For example, if you were 1 year into your repayment schedule and are unable to land a job in the next 4 years, the amount required for repayment for the remaining 8 months will be disregarded.

Income Share Agreement (ISA) Calculator

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