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Upcoming Golang Courses

17 FEB - 18 JUN 2021

Enrollment deadline:
1 Aug 2020

Full – Time
4 Months

Monday – Friday
Full Day

24 FEB - 25 JUN 2021

Enrollment deadline:
1 Aug 2020

Full – Time
4 Months

Monday – Friday
Full Day

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Learn Go: The 
Open Source

Programming Language By Google

Golang has grown in popularity in recent years amongst top companies due to its excellent combination of concurrency, safety, and simplicity of programming. A fast, high-performance programming language that is statistically typed, Golang can be easily integrated with other services and has been used by large corporates such as YouTube and Adobe for software and mobile application development. With more companies discovering the benefits of Go, there is a strong demand for Go developers in the market, but insufficient developers.

GoSchool, a collaboration by Indorse, Ngee Ann Polytechnic and OpenNodes, aims to close this talent gap by training and placing graduates in Go developer roles.

Be A Go Developer At Top-Tier Companies

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Golang Intakes

How It Works

Our Industry Proven Curriculum

Designed For Industry Relevance

GoSchool’s programming course has been designed based on industry benchmarks and reviewed by major industry players. This curriculum also pairs theories learnt in class with real-world experience to prepare you for real projects.

Project-based Learning

Tailored for individuals with IT or Computer Science related backgrounds, this course will help kickstart the journey of aspiring Go developers. Whether you are a professional in the tech industry looking to learn this in-demand programming language or a developer looking to upskill, this comprehensive course will provide an understanding of Go fundamentals, whilst equipping you in the practical aspect of Go software development through hands-on experience in projects

Dedicated Instructor Support

Get guidance, feedback and personalised support from actively practising Go Developers who are dedicated to your learning and equip you with specialised skills to help you advance your career. By offering real-time technical assistance, instructors ensure that you grasp Golang concepts quickly and are able to apply them effectively.

This Course is Suitable For

• Students / Graduates
• Working Professionals

with basic programming knowledge

*Applications are only open to Singapore Citizens/ PRs.

This Course is Suitable For

• Students / Graduates
• Working Professionals

with an IT or Computer Science related background.

*Applications are only open to Singapore Citizens/ PRs.

What You Will Learn

• Acquire foundational skills and advanced knowledge of Golang

• Gain practical skills that meet industry requirements for a Go Developer role in the tech industry through hands-on application in projects.

• Gain competence in developing quality industrial software projects with Go.

GoSchool's Golang Curriculum

We Are Invested In Your Success.

Getting You Hired

When you graduate from the course, your journey does not just stop there – We will connect you with top-tier firms looking to hire Go Developers. More than 100 Go Developer careers have been earmarked for graduates of this program.

Get matched and secure interview slots before graduation, or grasp opportunities for an industry apprenticeship of three months, post demo day.

Application Process

ISA Calculator



Pay $0 Until You Get Hired.

Frequently Asked Questions


GoSchool is a collaboration between OpenNodes, Ngee Ann Polytechnic and Indorse. Our flagship program is focused around Golang – Google’s programming language.

1. Submit your CV and application form 
2. Candidates will be contacted for a basic programming assessment and interview.
3. Successful candidates who pass the screening interview will be invited to kickstart their learning with Go!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time and a member of our team will be in touch.

GoSchool is open to all Singapore Citizens/PRs and suitable for graduates with a background in Information Technology or Computer Science.

As long as you maintain an 80% attendance record for each module, you will be able to continue with the course.

As the course is conducted over 7 individual modules, you will be able to attend modules individually without having to complete all 7 modules. However, you will not be able to withdraw midway through a particular module.

If you register for all 7 modules but drop out before completion, the Income Share Agreement (ISA) will be prorated based on the number of modules you attended.

Yes, you will be issued a certificate of completion by Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

Fees & Payment

Mid-Careerists (Graduated before Jan 2019):

As an experienced professional (graduated before January 2019), you will be eligible for the SkillsFuture-supported scheme whereby after the SkillsFuture subsidy, you only have to pay S$666.67 (original course fee $17,200). You may choose to make payment upfront, or defer the payment to one month after the start of the course.

In addition, under this SkillsFuture Scheme, you will also receive a training allowance of S$1,200 per month, over the course of 8 months (4-month Go Course, 4-month Apprenticeship). This will total up to S$9,600 over the entire GoSchool program.


Fresh Graduates (Graduated after Jan 2019):

Eligible Singaporeans and Permanent Residents will be able to receive SkillsFuture subsidy of 70%/ Please refer to this link for more information regarding the subsidy:

Remaining program fee after 70% subsidy for Singaporeans and PRs below the age of 40: S$4920

The remaining program fee can be further offset via an Income Share Agreement (ISA). Please refer to the section on ISAs below for more information.

You may choose to pay the subsidised program fee upfront or opt for an Income Share Agreement (ISA). For more information about ISAs, please learn more here.

Career Opportunities

This program does not include an internship. However, during the Industry Demo Day (the final phase of Project Go Live), you will get a chance to get matched and secure interview slots with suitable hiring companies within our network. This may result in either 3-month apprenticeships or full-time positions depending on availability.

GoSchool will work closely with you to source for a suitable internship through our network of hiring partners. However, we will not be able to guarantee an internship position as it will be contingent on how you perform in the interview process.

GoSchool works exclusively with top-tier companies within the industry and the job positions are highly curated by our dedicated team. However, it is not mandatory to take a job if you do not feel that is suitable for you.


GoSchool has been designed with a focus on helping students develop industry-relevant skills in Golang. If you already have a job and are looking to upskill yourself to progress your career, you are also more than welcome to apply to GoSchool. However, for applicants who are not planning to look for a new job after attending the course, the Postpaid plan will not be available.

Need Advice?

Our Admissions Team is here to help.