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Learn Low-Code,
Get Placed At Top Tech Firms

Build & Deploy Projects Faster Without Writing Code

Upcoming Low-Code Developer Courses


Enrollment deadline: April

2 Months

Every Thursday

Gain Placements at Top-Tier Companies

Get Skilled, Become a Low-Code Developer at Top Tech Firms

Be equipped in low-code tools, a skillset that large consulting firms and corporates are using to build and deploy powerful new applications fast, without having to write lines of code. 

Be the developers companies need to leverage on low-code tools to  
Remain Agile

Low-code development is a new approach that is growing in demand among global companies who are looking to leverage on the power of low-code tools such as OutSystems to accelerate the delivery of new software and applications. 

With this growing demand, more companies are seeking to hire more talents who are able to effectively utilise low-code tools to enhance the productivity of companies and gain competitiveness in a fast and dynamic landscape. 

Why are companies turning to Low-Code Tools like OutSystems?


Ability to Accelerate the Delivery of New Software and Applications


Deliver Modern Cloud Applications that Integrate with Legacy Systems to Better Meet Changing Needs of Business​


Enable Faster Software Transitions from Business to Business by using the Pre-built Functionality and Code​

Our Industry Proven Curriculum

Designed For Industry Relevance

To help you achieve success, we have designed our curriculum by talking to top-tier firms across different sectors and understanding the skillset the industry needs the most right now.

Project-based Learning

Tailored for individuals without programming background, this course will help kickstart the tech career of aspiring low-code developers. Whether you have little to no experience in coding, this comprehensive course will equip you with the fundamentals of low-code development. Through project-based learning, you will learn to leverage on low-code tools commonly used by large corporations such as OutSystems.

Dedicated Instructor Support

Get guidance, feedback, and personalised support from experts who are dedicated to your learning and equip you with specialised skills to help you advance your career. By offering real-time technical assistance, instructors ensure that you grasp concepts quickly and are able to apply them effectively.

We Are Invested In Your Success.

Getting You Hired

When you graduate from the course, your journey with Tribe Academy does not just stop there – We will provide job support and assist you every step of the way until you land a job at a top-tier tech firm.

Leveraging on our close relationships with our network of hiring partners, we know what these companies are looking for. Apart from equipping you with industry-relevant skills, we will also connect you with career coaches, provide you with job interview trainings, and connect you with the roles at firms where we think you will be a great fit.


What You Will Learn

• Get Foundational skills in app development
• Learn to work with data, specifically in creating Database Entities and Static Entities.
• Gain an understanding of agile development and architecture basics such as how to use application and screen templates.


Weeks 1-2: Phase 1 – Training needs identification and foundation-building

Weeks 3-5: Phase 2 – Skills Development (reactive web developer)

Week 6: Phase 3 – Core OutSystems development consolidation

Career Opportunities


Gain apprenticeships and work on real projects alongside industry experts. Get guidance, feedback and mentorship as you gain exclusive hands-on experience and get an inside look into a typical life as a low-code developer.

Career Support

Apart from equipping you with industry-ready skills in Low-code, we are also driven to help you land your dream job.

Upon the completion of the low-code curriculum, our dedicated career team will work closely with you to prepare for your interviews regardless of whether it is with a hiring partner or self-sourced.

Need Advice?

Our Admissions Team is here to help.