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No-Code Fundamentals

Professional Certificate in No-Code Essentials

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This programme is supported by SkillsFuture Singapore.

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Upcoming No-Code Course

Course Dates

25 May – 12 August 2022
(6 Days, over 2.5 months)

Course Timings

Weekdays (9am – 5pm)

Course of Conduct


Learn to Build Powerful Apps Without Writing Code

Design, Develop & Launch Apps With No-Code Tools

Whether you are looking to build and launch a new product, automate business workflows or working on side projects, building with no-code will enable you to work faster without writing a single line of code.

Learn the fundamentals of no-code and leverage on some of the most powerful no-code platforms like Bubble, Adalo and Glide to start bringing your app ideas to life.

Why No-Code?

Have an idea that could take your business or portfolio to the next level? Get guided on how to leverage on no-code tools to actualise these ideas into products faster, or help speed up digital transformation for your business over the duration of this course. 

Take your first step in building the next super app that will disrupt the market.

With no-code, you can eliminate the immediate need for a team of technical developers to translate your ideas and bring your product to life.
Not only will you be able to build and go-to-market faster, you will also save more than 50% the cost of hiring developers in the process.

Create Your First Web App With Us.

What better way to learn than doing it yourself? Under one of the modules in this course, you will also experience developing your first fully-functional web app of your choice.

Take Your Pick.

*This will be part of Module 3 of the course. Read more.

Learn to Automate Workflows With Integrations Like Zapier

Take your business efficiency to the next level by learning how to streamline and automate your business workflows with no-code integrations, such as Zapier and PhantomBuster.

Learn how to best leverage on these no-code automation tools to achieve greater efficiency for your business, at a much lower cost.

*This will be part of Module 4 of the course. Read more.

What You’ll Learn

The Professional Certificate in No-Code Essentials equips participants with the skills and knowledge needed to:

This Course is Suitable For

Business Leaders

Learn how to leverage on no-code tools to enable digital transformation for your business through streamlined prototyping and process automation.


Learn how you can develop prototypes rapidly, test and go-to-market faster, while saving time and costs. 
Achieve your business goals faster.

Individuals in Side Gig Economy

Learn how to design and build useful, functional applications that will help you with your side hustle or build your portfolio as a freelancer.

About The Course

This 4-module certificate programme will equip you with the knowledge, essential skills and strategies to work with no-code tools. 

By understanding how to leverage on various features of popular no-code software, this course will get you started with designing interactive and robust products to help you achieve your business or personal goals. You will also have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience of building your own app, guided by our experienced instructor.

There are no prerequisites for this programme. Prior knowledge on any of the topics is not required.


Application Process

Fees & Payment

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Supported By:

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Receive 70-90% Subsidy on our course fees.

*supported by SkillsFuture Singapore

The fees above are based on 4 modules. All prices include 7% GST.

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