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Portfolio Companies


Accredify is an education management technology company that aims to resolve the issue of fraudulent certifications and transcripts across educational institutions. By providing a turnkey portal to issue, receive and verify digital tamper-proof credentials on the blockchain, Accredify enables the sharing of verificable credentials in a trusted and decentralised manner, thereby making verification quick and simple. In less than a year, Accredify has secured multiple partnerships with renowned educational institutions, including National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore Management University (SMU), Lasalle College of the Arts and more.


Chainstack is a comprehensive platform that enables businesses and governments to leverage on multiple blockchain networks and to facilitate the easily deployment, orchestration and management of decentralised applications. With a focus on enabling users to manage blockchain services effortlessly, Chainstack currently supports 6 protocols including Corda, Ethereum, Fabric, Quorum and more, and has plans to add more leading protocols to their platform in 2020. 


A fintech development company, Hashstacs builds enterprise blockchains (STACS Blockchain) for banks and stock exchanges. With a goal to the global standard underlying Financial Market Infrastructure, Hashstacs works with multiple partners including stock exchanges and banks to provide a comprehensive solution that is designed for customisable, scalable and integrated networks. STACS Blockchain was also selected and used as a securities ledger for Phase V of the well-known collaborative project driven by MAS – Project Ubin. 


A healthtech company that works to enhance the chances of developing cures for rare diseases, Humanscape collects and and provides clinical, genetic and general health data on the blockchain. Humanscape aims to build an ecosystem where sensitive yet valuable information collected is immutable and tamper-proof, and shared with different stakeholders in the medical industry, thereby streamlining the process of drug development and research and reducing time and costs spent on drug discovery and clinical trials. The company also recently launched ‘Rarenote’, the world’s first blockchain-based platform that provides personalised information on rare diseases to patients.

Merkle Science

Merkle Science provides blockchain transaction monitoring and intelligence solutions for digital asset service providers, financial institutions, law enforcement agencies and government agencies to detect, investigate and prevent money laundering, terrorist financing and other criminal activities. The company analyses the public blockchain to detect entities on the blockchain and is used as an AML tool by blockchain companies to detect digital assets that are sent to them from the US OFAC list, darknet marketplaces, ransomware or any other illicit activity. Similar blockchain forensics is used by law enforcement and government agencies to investigate and track criminal activity using digital assets. 


Quantstamp is a leading full stack cybersecurity company in the blockchain space, having provided security software and services to over 100 customers and secured over $1.5 billion of asset value in the process. With a team of security experts dedicated to securing decentralised systems, Quantstamp works to enable a future of safer and more reliable blockchain applications through smart contract audits and the Quantstamp Security Network. 

Sentient is a fast-growing frontier technology company that provides AI and data solutions including a unique AI and Data platform, which is integrated closely with a Data Alliance (DA) blockchain fabric. The company aims to empower companies to build future-ready solutions by enabling data exchange in a trusted environment, whilst facilitating organisational transformation with AI capability and data accessibility. 


Established as one of the largest moving companies in Singapore, Shalom International Movers has evolved to encompass a full-range of logistics solutions, including relocation, land and freight transportation, e-commerce logistics and much more. Shalom is currently looking to utilise blockchain technology to resolve one of the biggest problems faced in the logistics industry – trade dispute. By leveraging on their extensive delivery infrastructure, Shalom seeks to facilitate dispute resolution by integrating blockchain technology into vehicle software such as video-recording. 


Tramés aims to power the supply chain of the future by providing a dedicated, transparent and safe platform for the Supply chain ecosystem to enable diverse parties in global trade to seamlessly connect and securely exchange information. With the vision to reduce trade barriers and increase efficiency across international supply chains, the Tramés solution aims to transform and simplify supply chain processes, enable real-time tracking of information and ensure reliability with better quality data to facilitate delivery commitments, thereby reinforcing trust between stakeholders. 


Xfers is a fintech company that seeks to improve financial access within ASEAN by being the technology-enabled last mile ramps to financial products, with a focus on Singapore and Indonesia. This is achieved by acquiring the relevant local licenses as well as providing a developer-friendly suite of digital payment methods.