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Expert Instructors

Get Involved in Shaping the Next Generation of Tech Talent

Be part of our global network of tech instructors and work with us to bridge the existing frontier tech talent gap in the landscape. Nurture these students who have a passion for frontier tech and provide both technical knowledge, as well as expert guidance to shape their tech careers.

Why Teach at
Tribe Academy?

Share Your Expertise and Inspire
the Next Wave of Leaders in Tech

Work with individuals and teams from innovators, startups to teams from multinational companies. Share your knowledge and experience with these talents to help cultivate the next generation of leaders in tech and transform their careers.

Expand Your Network, Connect with
Global Tech Experts

Join our global network of tech experts and network with thought leaders in the deep tech industry. You will also gain opportunities to connect with tech influencers, industry leaders and Fortune 500 companies in our network.

Flexible Scheduling to Meet Your Needs

From part-time online classes to full-time project-based courses, Tribe Academy has a range of offerings that require different commitment levels and therefore, provides flexibility in instructor scheduling depending on your availability.

Collaborating to Develop an Effective Curriculum

Design your own curriculum or work hand-in-hand with our team to develop curriculums and projects that meet industry benchmarks, whilst helping students gain fundamental and advanced skills effectively to boost their careers in tech.

Our Teaching Approach

Modelled after
Industry Needs

With a goal to equip developers with practical skills that will prepare them for industry projects, we work to develop curriculums that are based on industry requirements and needs.

Project-Based Learning

Working in real projects trains the students ability to apply what they have learnt in theory into practice, and tests their level of understanding on tech knowldege and concepts. It also provides them with experience on handling similar projects in the real world.

Innovative Thinking

We believe that curriculums should not only comprise of imparting technical skills and knowledge to students, but inspire them to think out-of-the-box, innovate and collaborate with others – to constantly push boundaries and excel in a highly dynamic landscape of frontier technologies.

Teach and Lead one of these Frontier Tech Courses

AI / Machine Learning
Go Language
Data Analytics /
Data Science

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