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7-11 Dec 2020

This year at SWITCH 2020, OpenNodes – powered by Tribe will be hosting the Singapore Blockchain Village in a virtual building alongside our blockchain ecosystem partners to bring you 5 days of exciting tech and blockchain events, panels, fireside chats and more!


Program Highlights

Tribe Accelerator

Global Demo Day 2020

7 Dec, Monday

Tribe’s flagship event has been reworked to bring you a whole new experience. Tribe Accelerator Global Demo Day: Reimagined will bring together a diverse range of startups from our Batches III & IV to showcase some exciting blockchain ideas being applied across different industries.

Industry Day

8 Dec, Tuesday

In collaboration with some of our partners such as Dutch Blockchain Coalition, IBM, Pfizer and Alibaba Cloud, we will be co-hosting a series of industry-focused panels that will dive into the latest trends and provide insights into blockchain applications across sectors ranging from sustainability to healthcare.

Tune in to learn more from these industry experts.

OpenNodes Day

9 Dec, Wednesday

An exciting day filled with launches of OpenNodes intiatives including OpenNodes Campus Collective and Industry Practicums showcasing projects with WeBank, IBM and Cargill.

OpenNodes day will be wrapped up with ZILHive’s Demo Day, featuring 8 startups looking to push blockchain to the next frontier.

Global Partners Day

10 Dec, Thursday

Moving beyond the local landscape, we bring together thought leaders from different ecosystems across the world to provide insights into the various blockchain landscapes, and engage in deep discussions on how we can enhance blockchain adoption on a global scale.

Tune in to learn more from these industry experts.

Singapore Blockchain Village Event Schedule

Our Auditorium will also be broadcasting various events from Tribe demo day, to various webinars and so on, more info on the schedule below. All timings are displayed in GMT +8.

10:00 | Opening Welcome Address of Singapore Blockchain Village

10:05 | Opening Address by Guest-of-Honour

                Mr Peter Ong, Chairman, Enterprise Singapore

10:10 | Opening Address for Singapore Blockchain Innovation Programme and Singapore Blockchain Ecosystem Report 2020

                Mr Lew Chuen Hong, Chief Executive, IMDA

10:15 | Introduction Highlights of the Singapore Blockchain Ecosystem Report

10:16 | Blockchain Trade & Connectivity Network MOU Signing

10:30 | Panel: What is the Future of Digital Identity?

                Junius Ho, Chief Product Officer, Affinidi (Moderator) 

                Quek Sin Kwok, Senior Director, National Digital Identity Platform and Products, GovTech 

                Meng Hui Ng, Senior Director, Connected Secured Systems, Infineon

                Arnaud Brolly, Blockchain Lead, SITA

11:30 | Panel: It’s 2020… Are we live with Track and Trace yet?

                Jonathan Chan, Digital Advisor, APAC, Cargill

                Sachin Gupta, Global Agribusiness Offering Leader, IBM (Moderator)

                Ashok Venkateswaran, Blockchain and Digital Assets Lead, Mastercard

12:45 | Panel: Blockchain in Government Digital Services

                Fatma Elsafty, Manager, Blockchain Technology, du (Moderator)

                Tomicah Tillemann, Founder and Director, Digital Impact and Governance Initiative (DIGI) at New America


14:00 | Tribe Accelerator Global Demo Day: Reimagined

14:05 | Guest-of-Honour Address

                Mr Ted Tan, Deputy CEO, Enterprise Singapore

14:10 | Tribe Accelerator Startup Pitches 1-5

                Nerovtec, dltledgers, Accredify,, Merkle Science

14:45 | Tribe Accelerator Startup Pitches 6 – 9

                STACS, veriTag, Xfers, Electrify

15:10 | Tribe Accelerator Startup Pitches-10 – 14

                OMNi, Trames, FOMO Pay, Chektec, Evercomm

15:45 | Tribe Accelerator Startup Pitches 15 – 18

                T-RECs, Chainstack, Navozyme,


16:15 | End of Day 1

10:00 | Opening of Industry Day


10:00 | Panel: The Importance of Verifiable Sustainability Data

(Co-hosted by Dutch Blockchain Coalition)

                Arno Laeven, SSI Lead, Dutch Blockchain Coalition (Moderator)

                Tobias Disse, CEO, Kryha

                Sabine Brink, Blockchain Lead, Shell

                Walter Kok, CEO, Energy Web Foundation


11:00 | Panel: Blockchain for Circularity: Leveraging Blockchain to Help Solve the Global Plastic Waste Problem

(Co-hosted by Dutch Blockchain Coalition & Kryha)

                Alice MacNeil, DLT4EU Programme Manager, Metabolic Institute (Moderator)

                Regula Schegg, Managing Director, Asia, Circulate Capital

                Anthony DiPrinzio, Head of BASF Blockchain Lab, Digital Innovation Manager, BASF

                Tobias Disse, CEO, Kryha


12:00 | Panel: Digital Adoption in Trade – How can blockchain accelerate this outcome?

(Co-hosted by GTR Ventures)


                Eleanor Wragg, Senior Reporter, Global Trade Review (GTR) (Moderator)

                Oswald Kuyler, Managing Director Digital Standards Initiative (DSI), ICC

                Raj Uttamchandani, Executive Director, Trade Finance Market

                Iain Morrison, Head of Global Trade and Receivables Finance, HSBC


12:45 | Panel: Healthcare 4.0: Towards Transparency, Accessibility and Beyond

(co-hosted by Pfizer & Alibaba Cloud)


                Belle Lim, Business Development Manager, Tribe (Moderator)

                Flora Nanda, Senior Manager, Blockchain CoE, Pfizer

                Jonathan Lau, Founder, Nervotec

                Kenny Tan, Head of International Business, AntChain


13:45 | Panel: Ensuring near Real-Time Traceability – a Necessity in Agri-Food Safety

(co-hosted by IBM)


                Raj Rao, General Manager, IBM Food Trust, IBM (Moderator)

                Tejas Bhatt, Senior Director, US & Global Food Safety Innovation, Walmart

                Bob Wolpert, Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer, Golden State Foods


14:3045 | Panel: It’s 2020… Are we live with Track and Trace yet?

                Jonathan Chan, Digital Advisor, APAC, Cargill

                Sachin Gupta, Global Agribusiness Offering Leader, IBM (Moderator)

                Ashok Venkateswaran, Blockchain and Digital Assets Lead, Mastercard


15:30 | Panel: What is the Future of Digital Identity?


                Junius Ho, Chief Product Officer, Affinidi (Moderator) 

                Quek Sin Kwok, Senior Director, National Digital Identity Platform and Products, GovTech 

                Meng Hui Ng, Senior Director, Connected Secured Systems, Infineon

                Arnaud Brolly, Blockchain Lead, SITA


16:15 | End of Day 

10:00 | Opening of OpenNodes Day


10:00 | Panel: Leveraging Blockchain for Good 

               Joseph Lim, Head of Global Business Development (Moderator)

               Peter Zhou, Business Solutions Officer of IT/Finance, World Bank

               Herve Tourpe, Chief Digital Advisor, IMF 

               Alejandro Pardo Vegezzi, Principal Specialist & Leader of LACCChain, IDB Lab


10:30 | Panel: From 1 to 100 – The Future of Blockchain Consortium Building 

(Co-hosted by IMDA)

               Veronica Tan, Director, Next Generation Platforms, IMDA (Moderator)

               Brian Behlendorf, Executive Director, Hyperledger

               Henry Ma, CIO & Executive Vice President, WeBank

               Carl Wegner, Contour, CEO 



11:00 | Panel: Readiness for Enterprise Blockchain at Scale 

(Co-hosted by IBM)

               Parm Sangha, Global Blockchain Leader for Trade and Trade Finance, IBM (moderator)

               Junius Ho, Chief Product Officer, Affinidi

               Alessandro Spadoni, Chief Architect B3i

               Jimmy Ong, APAC Blockchain Lead & Partner, EY


11:30 | Panel: Blockchain Investment Landscape 2020 

(Co-hosted by SGInnovate)

               Victor Tan, Director, Venture Investing, SGInnovate (Moderator) 

               Paul Veradittakit, Partner, Pantera Capital

               Genping Liu, Partner, Vertex Ventures

               Edith Yeung, General Partner, RaceCapital


12:15 | Panel: Blockchain 2025 – Where Are We Headed?(Innovation, Startups, Talents) 

(Co-hosted by Temasek)

               Kevin Lim, Associate Director, Blockchain, Temasek (Moderator)

               Anoop Nannra, Global Blockchain Segment Leader, Amazon Web Services

               Amit Ghosh, Head of Asia Pacific, R3

               Patrick Yeo, Venture Hub Leader and Partner, PwC Venture Hub


13:00 | Introduction of OpenNodes Campus Collective (ONCC)


13:20 | ONCC’s Industry Practicums (in collaboration with WeBank, IBM and Cargill)




15:00 | ZILHive Demo Day


15:05 | ZILHive Demo Day Welcome Address


15:10 | Startup Pitches


16:00 | End of Day 3

10:00 | Opening of Global Partners Day


10:00 | Panel: Uniting the Global Ecosystem Through Collaboration 

(Hosted by SingEx in collaboration with Tribe)

               Joseph Lim, Head of Global Business Development (Moderator)

               Nadia Hewett, Blockchain Lead, World Economic Forum

               Richard Teng, CEO, FSRA, Abu Dhabi Global Markets

               Marloes Pomp, Head of International Strategy, Dutch Blockchain Coalition


10:30 | Panel: Understanding the LATAM Blockchain Landscape

               Mauricio Tovar, Co-Founder and CEO, TRU (Moderator)

               Martin Hagelstrom, Blockchain Leader Latin America, IBM

               Ignacio Plaza, Managing Partner, Draper Cygnus

               Diego Gutiérrez, CEO RSK


11:30 | Panel: Will The Internet of Value influence China’s next frontier?

               Betty Ling, Senior Fintech Specialist, WeBank (Moderator)

               Lucy Gazmararian, Associate Director, FinTech Advisory, PwC

               Daniel Chan, Head of Blockchain Innovation Lab, FORMS HK

               Michael Sung, Co-Director of the Fudan Fanhai Fintech Research Center, Fudan University and Chairman of CarbonBlue Innovations


12:15 | Panel: China’s Push for Web 3.0 – Privacy, Regulations

               Wei Shi Khai, COO, Longhash Ventures (Moderator)

               Ben El-Baz, Head of Ecosystems, Hashkey Digital Asset Group

               Dr Peter Zhou, Chief Scientist, VeChain

               Sean Lee, CEO, Algorand Foundation


13:15 | Panel: Gleaning into Understanding the European Blockchain Landscape 

(Co-Hosted by Dutch Blockchain Coalition)

               Peter Verkoulen, Director, Dutch Blockchain Coalition (Moderator)

               Pēteris Zilgalvis, J.D.Head of Unit, Digital Innovation and Blockchain

               Prof. Dr. Philipp Sandner Frankfurt School Blockchain Center

               Daniel Du Seuil, Convenor European Self Sovereign Identity Framework (EBSI) at European Blockchain Partnership


14:00 | Panel: Understanding the US Blockchain Landscape

               Jules Miller, Partner, Mindset Ventures (Moderator)

               Greg Kidd, Co-Founder, GlobaliD and Hard Yaka

               Jalak Jobanputra, Founding Partner, Future\Perfect Ventures

               Jonathan Levi, CEO, HACERA


14:45 | Panel: Understanding China’s Blockchain Landscape

               Richard Wang, Partner, DraperDragon Fund (Moderator)

               Jack Lee, Founding Managing Partner, HCM Capital

               Tony Sun, Deputy Director, Blockchain Products & Solutions, Ant Group


15:30 | End of Day 4

10:0009:50 | Opening of Ecosystem Partners Day


10:00 | Temasek Showcase


11:00 | CIC Showcase


12:00 | WeBank Showcase


13:00 | IBM Showcase


14:00 | R3 Showcase


15:00 | GovTech x Accredify Showcase


16:00 | STACS Showcase


17:00 | Closing of Singapore Blockchain Village

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Village Partners

The Blockchain Ecosystem Village will consist of 9 buildings – CIC, Dutch Blockchain Coalition, IBM, IMDA, R3, Temasek, Tribe, WeBank, and Zilliqa. Feel free to explore and navigate around in the virtual buildings.

Frame 1
Frame 2
Frame 3
Frame 4
Frame 5
Frame 6
Frame 7
Frame 8
Frame 9

Ecosystem Partners

Here are some of the ecosystem partners that will be co-exhibiting across the 9 buildings of the Singapore Blockchain Village.

ZALL Commodities International
ZALL Research Institute
Zall Steel
The New Fork
Trames logo
tribe academy
Tribe Accelerator


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