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Global Demo Day:


7 Dec 2020

2PM – 5PM (GMT +8)


This year, we have reworked our flagship event to bring you a unique digital experience at our Singapore Blockchain Village,  SWITCH 2020.  In our first-ever virtual Demo Day,  our startups from Batch III and IV will be showcasing their unique blockchain use-cases, ranging from industries such as healthcare to sustainability and even energy. 

Our Startups of 2020

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Accredify is an education management technology company that aims to resolve the issue of fraudulent certifications and transcripts across educational institutions.

Chainstack is a platform that enables businesses and governments to leverage on multiple blockchain networks and to facilitate the management of decentralised applications.

Chektec is an enterprise software service that empowers businesses to create smarter workforces, improve sustainability and providing preventive maintenance through fast tracking.

DLTLedgers is asia’s leading plug-and-play blockchain platform for cross-border trade digitization for trade execution and recording trade information.

Electrify is a peer-to-peer energy trading platform with the vision to power a more sustainable future with transactive energy.


Evercomm aims to provide enterprises with smarter end-to-end energy management solutions to create greater efficiency gains.


FOMO Pay is a digital payment processing platform and digital banking solution provider that enables digital transformation for banks, telecoms & brands in emerging markets.

Merkle Science provides blockchain transaction monitoring and intelligence solutions to detect, investigate and prevent money laundering, terrorist financing and other criminal activities.

Navozyme is a maritime platform provider that aims to streamline and expedite the digital authentication process.


Nervotec is a digital health AI company that uses Machine Learning and Deep Learning techniques and converts camera enabled smartphones into medical grade vital signs monitoring devices.

Omni enables the tracking of carbon footprint by providing an ecosystem solution to the mobility space with the goal to reduce carbon emissions. drves authenticity of digital signatures within documents to build trust throughout the document life-cycle, from signer verification to final contractual obligations. is a fast-growing frontier technology company that provides AI and data solutions including a unique AI and Data platform, integrated closely with a Data Alliance blockchain fabric.

A fintech development company, Hashstacs builds enterprise blockchains (STACS Blockchain) for banks and stock exchanges.


Tramés aims to power the supply chain by providing a dedicated, transparent and safe platform to enable diverse parties in global trade to seamlessly connect and securely exchange information.

T-RECs is a renewable energy certificates trading platform that aims to reduce carbon footprint and fight global climate change.


Provides greater visibility and transparency of data in the supply chain through it’s digital tagging blockchain authentication solution.


Xfers is a fintech company that seeks to improve financial access within ASEAN by being the technology-enabled last mile ramps to financial products, with a focus on Singapore and Indonesia.

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